Layang Layang Island Resort

  • Layang-Layang Island Resort

    Layang-Layang Island Resort

    Off the mystic desert island of Borneo stretches out a little jewel, a flicker within the deep blue sea. Like a mariner’s trance, it prevails all alone, a conspicuous haven in the spacious ocean awaiting a tourist. All these striking words are referring to a very fascinating island of Layang-Layang, a coral-sanctified, deep sea islet off the coastline of Sabah, Malaysia. The island is a safe haven where a kaleidoscopic undersea world like no other subsists. This marine heritage is a geological spectacle also, with the coral island emerging from the deep blue profundity of 2000 meters, barely contravening the surface.

    Layang-Layang is well-known as “The Jewel of the Borneo Banks” and it has created for itself a serene lagoon which abounds with natural world. There have been 13 coral reefs produced here, forming a compelling undersea panorama. Diving is the apex of island of Layang-Layang’s stunning experience – anticipate a holiday like no other on this secluded coral islet.

    The world famous and beguiling experience with schools of scalloped hammerhead sharks in its surrounding waters is the largest draw card for this island. Oftentimes, disregarded by divers due to their enthusiasm to entrap spectacle of the sharks, is the other oceanic life on exhibition. The diversity and coral vigor at Layang laying is simply splendid. Tourists can take pleasure in unequaled scuba diving as well as benefit from the beautiful sights and sounds of the shielded bird park on the island.

    Layang-Layang Island Resort is a 3 star resort hotel built out of humid hardwood and structurally designed in the conventional longhouse design, providing you both coziness and an inimitable cultural view. The island resort is the only diving operator and hotel room accessible on this tiny coral isle in the South China Sea. Figures are very limited because of the low accessibility of flights, so if you want impart in this awe-inspiring marvel, it is recommended that you arrange your travel well beforehand and book ahead of time!

    Room Types and Amenities

    Layang-Layang Island Resort has 76 standard double bed or twin share rooms and offers as well 10 Deluxe Suites, all built from humid hardwoods. Each room has the following amenities:

     King or queen size beddings
     Cable TV
     Reading lights
     Air-conditioning with remote controls
     Hot and cold shower bathrooms
     Fridge
     International direct dialing phone
     Furniture such as: desk, mirror and chair
     Free tea and coffee making facilities

    Deluxe Suites are much better than Standard rooms, it has a veranda along with chairs and table and a walk-in wardrobe. You can always request upgraded rooms upon arrival at the resort.

    Best Time to Visit

    Now the best time to stay at the resort is from April through October where the island experiences a good sunny season. And rainy season falls from November through March. What’s more, months of April and May are the best time to catch sight of scalloped hammerhead sharks school which gathers to do mating routines.

    Diving Details

    The island resort’s dive center has paraphernalia posts for all divers, with coat-hangers, booty pegs, fresh water bathe, and bathe tanks for scuba paraphernalia and cameras. As part of the dive service of Layang-Layang Island Resort, all you’re requested to do is wash your personal wetsuit! Boundless beach diving is possible and at no cost with your own dive partner. There are night boat dives that can be prearranged at the resort.

    Layang-Layang Island Resort puts into practice a strict ecological preservation guiding principle and requires each diver to agree acquiesce to its Reef Conservation Policy arrange under its Environmental Conservation Program.

    After a day of astonishing undersea escapade, for sure every guest can sit back and immerse in the exquisiteness and passivity of the breathtaking sunset that only a far-flung island in the heart of the South China Sea can bring.