Dive Sites

  • Layang LayangDive Sites

    -Layang Layang offers a wonderful and exciting dive experience since it is equipped with such an amazing marine creatures. Covered with clear and deep blue sea, you can explore to its extraordinary features as you dive to it. When the Month of April is running at the corner, people are heading to the place and feel the limitless diving experience.

  • Crack Reef

    Crack Reef

    Crack Reef is another exhilarating dive site that can be found at Layang Layang Islands. This dive site can absolutely give a buzz to both shallow reefers and depth junkies. The most-liked dive destination sees one more peculiar shallow coral reef garden booming underneath the sunbeams and a plodding dive generally gets to be a slide towards the gap of the Sea of South China.

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  • D’wall


    It seems like the origin of the name with D’Wall seems to have forgotten at a certain time. Quite possibly, the written variation of a laid back Asian enunciation of “The Wall”, it happens to be one of the only authentically vertical walls within Layang Layang. In point of fact, the wall is indeed steep at this point which it basically overhangs for almost the entire dive so it will be sensible to bring with you a torch all along the dive.

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  • Dogtooth Lair

    Dogtooth Lair

    Dogtooth Lair is called after the schools of huge dog-tooth tuna routinely observed hanging around here, particularly across the bank. Look out of these magnificent critters; you would possibly see juveniles in tiny groups or even the sole large fellas, more than a meter long together with a sizeable group of pointed gnashers to complement.

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  • Gorgonian Forest

    Gorgonian Forest

    Some people think about Gorgonian Forest as being Layang Layang’s signature dive destination, and is particularly one of many spots for hammerhead sharks. This dive site’s current could be strong and this lures in the larger fish. Aside from that it brings about incredible horizontal visibility, typically more than 50 meters.

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  • Navigators Lane

    Navigators Lane

    Navigator’s Lane stretches on to the north end of Layang Layang isle, near to the east of Crack Reef. This dive site is proud of a tremendous range of corals – both soft and hard – sea whips and fans.

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  • Shark’s Cave

    Shark's Cave

    Shark’s Cave is considered one of Layang Layang’s most well-known dive destinations and it has a great deal of sharks of several species. Diving in Shark’s Cave is primarily regarding large fish in action and this dive site is a fantastic source for ample of huge pelagic fishes.

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  • Snapper’s Ledge

    Snapper’s Ledge

    Snapper’s Ledge is surprisingly easy dive spot, as well as a specifically good diving destination in Layang Layang atoll to attempt drift diving.

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  • The Runway

    The Runway

    Should you be the type of diver that enjoys marine explorations, specifically with the poking your camera into cracks, crevices and channels vast array, so The Runway dive site can be described as must-do to suit your needs.

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  • The Tunnel

    The Tunnel

    The Tunnel is situated basically towards the south of Island Resort in Layang Layang, is reasonably protected, as an outcome features some of the chances for diving together with pelagic of which some other dive spots in Layang Layang can feature.

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  • The Valley

    The Valley

    Several divers have brought up of that when at the outset stepping into The Valley dive site, their anticipations drop when welcomed with the entire spectacle with this flat area which has a mild slope.

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  • Wrasse Strip

    Wrasse Strip

    Wrasse Strip is the place where the tropical sun flickers down all over the shallow see-through rich waters, resulting in a brilliantly colored reef garden that most divers simply dream about. The way this site turned out to be called Wrasse Strip is not known, however it definitely has not got more wrasse species than some other dive sites in Layang Layang.

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  • Wreck Point

    Wreck Point

    Wreck Point is situated towards the south west of Dog Tooth Lair dive site. As opposed to anticipations and regardless of its name, this may not be a shipwreck dive; rather it is an incredibly enjoyable coral garden as well as a wall dive. There was previously an ancient freighter wreck on this site; however the only thing that remains of it these days is a small number of scrap irons over the ocean floor.

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