Crack Reef

  • Crack Reef

    Crack Reef

    Crack Reef is another exhilarating dive site that can be found at Layang Layang Islands. This dive site can absolutely give a buzz to both shallow reefers and depth junkies. The most-liked dive destination sees one more peculiar shallow coral reef garden booming underneath the sunbeams and a plodding dive generally gets to be a slide towards the gap of the Sea of South China.

    You can expect to start out with a descent all the way down the wall to either within the two ledges at 30 meters. From this point, you are able to look over the lip as well as down the pitch to check out slumbering leopard sharks. Climb up one or two meters towards a well known alcove, and check the gorgonians all over for pygmy seahorses. Some of the fans somewhere between 21 and 27 meters have local seahorses.

    When there’s a gentle current running, it is easy to drift alongside schools of neon fusiliers battling beyond. At some point you will get to a few large sloping buttresses which appear to be undercover mountain footpaths. If you should clamber up these organic land bridges you will discover on your own back close to the top of the coral isle because of its strenuous coral neighborhood allowing for both terrific micro and macro photography chances.

    The top of coral reef at this point is primarily hard coral types like warty, elkhorn and porites corals, however you will discover communities of lobophyton and sinularia soft corals as well. Take a crack at seeing the foxface rabbitfish or a few of the tang as well as bristletooth species that are living here.

    Dive Experience: Newbie to advanced
    Current: Gentle
    Visibility: 20 meters to 50 meters
    Depth: 5 meters to 40 meters
    Best Time to Dive: February to October
    Getting There: 20 minutes ride by boat from north west Layang Layang Resort jetty