• D’Wall


    It seems like the origin of the name with D’Wall seems to have forgotten at a certain time. Quite possibly, the written variation of a laid back Asian enunciation of “The Wall”, it happens to be one of the only authentically vertical walls within Layang Layang. In point of fact, the wall is indeed steep at this point which it basically overhangs for almost the entire dive so it will be sensible to bring with you a torch all along the dive.

    There exists a massive ledge within the wall approximately 40 meters, in which it could be best if you use as the maximal depth sign with your dive. Making your entire route right down to this point, you’ll encounter the incredible hues with the wall, infused with brilliantly colored nudibranchs, several substantial barrel sponges, and sizeable sagging fans of purple, red and blue as well as the glowing violet of enormous tropical anthias.

    However, you should never keep your head stuck in D’Wall all the time. There could possibly be sharks on this site as well. Grey reef sharks as well along at the best time of the season, schools of hammerhead sharks will probably be hanging around beyond the Layang Layang Isle.
    Right back at about 25 meters, you can expect to fist stumble upon a little triangular inlet, which a dozen or more huge trevally use as their den. Somewhat further on can also be a greater ledge, splendid with black coral shrubbery and moreover lived on by trevallies, emperor angelfish and groupers. Take a look at the orange gorgonians into the left of the entry ways as at this point you’ll notice pygmy seahorses, and quite often giant frogfish in close proximity.

    Soon thereafter the shelves, the wall will alter instantly into a mountain, indicating the beginning of your ascent. Discovered sweetlips observe you apprehensively while you swim close to the coral gardens to your safety stop point. Then you can take a look at yellow breasted wrasse, skunk anemonefish and orange-spinned unicornfish. This can be an extremely huge and incredible Layang Layang dive destination; it requires numerous trips to feel you really have experienced the whole thing.

    Visibility: 20 meters to 40 meters
    Depth: 5 meters to 40 meters
    Current: Medium
    Dive Experience: Intermediate-Expert
    Best Time to Dive: February to October
    Getting There: 15 minutes by boat western part of Layang Layang resort jetty