Gorgonian Forest

  • Gorgonian Forest

    Gorgonian Forest

    Some people think about Gorgonian Forest as being Layang Layang’s signature dive destination, and is particularly one of many spots for hammerhead sharks. This dive site’s current could be strong and this lures in the larger fish. Aside from that it brings about incredible horizontal visibility, typically more than 50 meters.

    Stop by here upon a mild slope brimming with marine life. Descend on top of the stands of warty corals and bottlebrush corals, take a peek at the massive giant clams, and take heed for hawksbill turtles slumbering straight from the current.

    About 12 meters, you are going to join the primary wall suitable and go down into an incredible range of huge barrel sponges and also the colorful fans that give Gorgonian Forest its name. The fans of orange and yellow sway delicately along at the current, from where they start around 22 meters or more all the way down to about 40.

    In the event the current is chasing, huge quantities of fish draw in here, and this is basically the thing that makes this dive spot stand out. Giant fusiliers as well as lunar fusiliers will chase beyond across the reef slope. Little packs of giant trevally hound across the reef surface, and enormous dogtooth tuna swim beyond, at times stopping to take a look at you when their attention has got the better within their pursuit of food.

    As you may drift through, a multitude of reef fishes, for instance pyramid butterflyfish and redtooth triggerfish flit around the slope. Huge varieties of grouper are widespread on this site, in addition to huge groups of night time snapper, and smaller sized sets of round batfish and harlequin sweetlips. Unicornfish is typical on this area of the atoll; either noshing within the nutrient-rich blue or stopping around the reef slope’s cleaning channels.

    Nevertheless, to concentrate primarily about the seascape might be to overlook the probable occurrence of scalloped hammerhead sharks, particularly about April and May. At times these peculiar looking sharks show up solely, and besides other times in huge schools having a blend of the juvenile and fully developed. Any time you stare favorably at these folks, they will often venture in to the reef or little by little slither off into the ocean.

    Dive Experience: Average-Expert
    Visibility: 20 meters to 50 meters
    Depth: 10 meters to 40 meters
    Current: Can be strong
    Best Time to Dive: February to October
    Getting There: 10 minutes by boat north east from Layang Layang Resort jetty