Navigator’s Lane

  • Navigator’s Lane

    Navigator's Lane

    Navigator’s Lane stretches on to the north end of Layang Layang isle, near to the east of Crack Reef. This dive site is proud of a tremendous range of corals – both soft and hard – sea whips and fans.

    Because of its abundant coral gardens with a depth of around 5 to 15 meters, the coral reef life here is rich, and it is conceivable to bring about whether typical multilevel dive or perhaps just a relaxed exploration with the shallows in accordance with your disposition.

    Specifically, hammerhead sharks are the typical surfers to Navigator’s Lane, so you’re able to look ahead to several big fish adventure with such pinnacle predators with the sea.

    Apart from that additional experience with manta rays, eagle rays, grey reef sharks, barracudas and stuff like that, this dive site has plenty of submarine life for micro and macro buffs at the same time, with vibrantly hued commensal, anemone shrimps as well as nudibranchs in large quantity.

    Experience Level: Newbie-Expert
    Current: Mild-Moderate
    Visibility: 20 meters to 50 meters
    Depth: 15 meters to 40 meters
    Best Time to Dive: February to October
    Getting There: 15 minutes by boat from the northern part of Layang Layang Resort jetty