The Valley

  • The Valley

    The Valley

    Several divers have brought up of that when at the outset stepping into The Valley dive site, their anticipations drop when welcomed with the entire spectacle with this flat area which has a mild slope.

    However the place is bestowed with coral formations of enormous hard corals, and is also a getaway for turtles as well as fish such as groupers, squirrelfish, snappers and sweetlips. Throughout the multitude of outcrops and cracks, a clever pair of eyes will discover you flatworms, nudibranchs as well as an assortment of crustaceans. Perhaps even around the sandy areas, life thrives. On this site, you will discover ribbon eels as well as garden eels.

    Keep an eye out for the triggerfish’s nests on this site, in case you get attacked for roaming towards the path of such territorial critters. Nearer to the edge with the reef, you should have interactions with reef sharks, hammerhead sharks and schools of amber jacks. There are numerous of anemones too, particularly, seek to see the golden anemone, a hard-to-find diversity several divers have seen in the past. The Valley is truly a superb Layang Layang dive destination in perception after the fact.

    Dive Experience: Newbie-Expert
    Visibility: 20 meters to 30 meters
    Depth: 5 meters to 30 meters
    Currents: Mild
    Best Time to Dive: February to October
    Getting There: 15 minutes by boat from west of Layang Layang Resort Jetty