Wreck Point

  • Wreck Point

    Wreck Point

    Wreck Point is situated towards the south west of Dog Tooth Lair dive site. As opposed to anticipations and regardless of its name, this may not be a shipwreck dive; rather it is an incredibly enjoyable coral garden as well as a wall dive. There was previously an ancient freighter wreck on this site; however the only thing that remains of it these days is a small number of scrap irons over the ocean floor.

    The thing that makes Wreck Point distinctive is the entry way. You are going to infiltrate through a 7 meter deep sandy ledge with a few tiny and fairly idyllic inlets and coves, alluring to have a look around. Such rock formations are sheltered in table corals as well as soft brown corals. Take some time throughout the sandy spots seeing that, having a little bit of persistence, you are able to find razor fish hanging across the sand.

    Check out the lip of the ledge out and down on top of the core wall, a sheer slope running on to the Layang Layang gulf. If circumstances permit, move left and swim along with the wall over your left side. Indigo anthias’ clouds are positioned throughout the barrel sponges and purplish-blue sea fans that accentuate the slope. Within the cliffs you will discover plenty of squirrelfish and soldierfish, just like the sabre squirrelfish – a variety recognizable with its yellow fins, huge size and notable check vertebrae.

    Open water fish which you might come across here consist of bigeye trevallies, whitetip reef sharks, rainbow runners and barracudas.
    While you make your way little by little shallower, the wall comes to an end out of the blue at approximately 8 meters in depth that has a brilliantly colored hard coral garden. Light glimmers through the sea water, lightening up this glistening backdrop. Double bar goatfish as well as big eye bream develop little schools. Bird wrasse budge among the scleratinia, and also the stunning lyretail hogfish go into hiding within the shallows. This is the point in which you will make your safety area just before appearing next to the Layang Layang touchdown strip.

    Dive Experience: Newbie-Average
    Visibility: 20 meters to 40 meters
    Depth: 5 meters to 40 meters
    Currents: Mild
    Bes Time to Dive: February to October
    Getting There: 5 minutes by boat from south east of Layang Layang Resort Jetty